Here at CSRC we ensure that our horses are retired from RDA work well in advance of their retirement years. This ensures that they have a long and happy life at their new home. We therefore have a rolling programme of rehoming and will have at least one horse for rehoming at any one time.

If you think you can offer a home for life to one of our horses please read through the process and sample loan agreement and then give us a call.



A meeting takes place between yourself and the Equine Manager. The home requirements of the horse are given to you and we ask about your facilities. We are happy for this to be a telephone meeting.


We arrange for you to meet the horse/s you have identified as being able to rehome. You will have as much time as you need with the horse. The Equine Manager will be with you and will facilitate you riding the horse if it is a riding horse you have chosen to rehome.


The Equine Manager will visit you at your home at a time of your convenience. This visit is to see your facilities and be reassured that they match your description.


Completion of the loan agreement.


Rehoming your new horse!!

o at Clwyd Special Riding Centre